Low Cost Exteriors

We specialize in all types of of cladding including:


Low-Cost Exteriors works with a variety of materials and applies the best suited to your needs. Galvanized steel cladding is a superior solution that will withstand hail and snow-shovels while aluminium cladding lowers cost yet retains many of the qualities of steel.

We use the highest quality colour-matched caulking for window installations to provide thermal insulation, control water penetration, and dampen noise. Caulking is warrantied for 30 years.

Window cranks, locks, or hinges are replaced with genuine manufacturer sourced window parts.


Cladded windows have a lower lifetime cost. Normally painting a window will cost ~30% the price of window cladding, however, window cladding is warrantied for twenty-five years and will usually last much longer.


Window cladding boosts the thermal efficiency of windows by covering joints in wood. Sealed low-e argon units are energy-star rated and can significantly reduce heat-loss. New weather stripping eliminates any drafts.

Due Diligence

We stand by the quality of our work, however, as with any home project we recommend that homeowners exercise due-diligence for their peace of mind. Try to get written estimates from three reputable contractors and take care that they will be providing the same standards of material and worksmanship. The Better Business Bureau can help you assess the reputation of contractors. Ask contractors for references from past customers and arrange for on-site inspections of prior work. If you are satisfied with what you see then specify that you expect the same quality of worksmanship on your own home.