Company owner with truck


Low Cost Exteriors

Low Cost Exteriors was founded in 1979 by B. McMorran who saw that Calgarians weren't getting the quality worksmanship they deserved on their homes. After decades of cladding homes the way they should be clad, the company's goal remains the same: make windows look new and not just maintenance-free.

Low Cost Exteriors is a licensed, insured, and Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company.

All of Low Cost Exteriors' members take pride in great work timely executed. It custom fabricates all cladding on-site in a heated mobile manufacturing unit with the latest materials and wholly owned specialized equipment. All work is conducted by professional installers.

Customers are often surprised to see not just a salesman but the owner on-site at the start and completion of each job to ensure their satisfaction. Perhaps this explains why fifty-percent of customers are word-of-mouth referrals.